Green Earth

To establish itself as an industry leader in environmentally friendly insoles, Paragon assessed and modified their current Ener-Gel product line to launch a groundbreaking new product called Ener-Gel Green Earth™ Insoles. This new innovation utilizes Soyol® developed by Urethane Soy Systems (USSC). This exceptional “new use” agricultural product is a true “bio-renewable” ®. The key component Soyol® is made from American grown soybeans that will replace as much as 40% of the petroleum used in the production of polyurethane. The result is a Soy Comfort foam that will help “green the earth”.
Ener-Gel Green Earth Insoles are made to replace existing insoles. Simply remove the original insole and use as a pattern to trim your new Ener-Gel insoles before inserting into shoe. Sold in pairs. Available online.

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